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The Final Fantasy Chronicles
    Dedicated to Heath Vogle
I have been working at this again after so long.  I have progressed alot with the current work. Finishing up the Menu system with some polishing touches, but the Item and equipment system seems to work fine. I have heavily based my code on the Amethyst Demo. Here are some screenshots.

Still working on the town, but now the characters to populate it. Then on with the coding of it (UGGG shop scripts) Got the doors to open and close, put in some animations, got all the building warps put in. Map ended up 215 x 245.

Been working on finishing up the 1st town map then I will start the castle and add some story and more characters then release the demo.

I have columns implemented with skins. But it distracts me while I work.
Taking awhile to enter in all the item descriptions all 500 of them. And I have started on some new maps.