The First Church of Freligh
       Established in 1996 the First Church of Freligh has provided a constant source of information and guidence concerning the greatest of deities the Flamingo. We believe in equality for all and are there to support our communities in any way possible. We are a non for profit organization based in Springfield IL.

       The fundamental services offered by the church include guidence and life counciling over all matter of issues. We are always willing to be there to listen to your problems, dilemmas, or your thoughts over any issue. Our faithful followers are adept listeners and may provide you with an onslaught of unbiased deeply thought out advise as well as many alternatives.

       We, the faithful, beileve in quality education, life is an never ending pursuit of knowlege. We offer many services to help continue your education. Tutors are avaliable for all levels of schooling from grade school through college. Appointments may be scheduled through our contact information. We provide after school activities for young adults and children on a regular basis, where we make learning fun, by having games, debates, and interactive quizes to test your knowlege. Scholarships are also avaliable to low income familys and high achievers.

       Help with basic necessities are also offered throught the church. A free meal program has been instutied at many of our locations. Lunch and dinner are served to anyone that is need. Meal times are at noon and 5:00pm at select locations. Also a free clinic is offered twice a week to help any who seek medical assistance.  Other services my be avaliable depending on your location, such as vouchers to help with utilities and gasoline. Ask your local pastor about it durring your next visit.
       For any community that is interested we also offer a missionary service that can bring the First Church of Freligh to you. Several trained pastors are avaliable to spread the good word to any that are interested in hearing it. If your community has issues that are not being resolved we will help out in any way that we are able. Faith and determination can be powerful tools to help solve problems. By contacting us we can work with your community leaders, local government, and police department to bring peace to your community.
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Feel free to contact us via email
217-555-5555 or
PO Box 6666, Springfield IL 62703

Schedule of events for November 06
1  Free Clinic STD Screeening 11am-7pm
5  Church Services
7  Video Game Night 10pm
9  Movie Night 9:30pm
11  Pizza Party 6:00pm
12  Church Services
14  Video Game Night 10pm
19  Church Services
20  Ask the Pastor Game 3pm
21  Video Game Night 10pm
23  Movie Night 9:30pm
25  Raging Cajun Night 7:00pm
26  Church Services
28  Video Game Night 10pm
29  Community bake sale 10am-5pm

Please help with dontations or support if possible. If you can help please contact us. Your donations help support the after school activities, free clinics, and other late night activities. No profits are derived from any dontaions.